Stream Casino

Make profit doing something fun

Casino streaming

To stream casino online is a a growing phenomenon.
Something we have in common all around the world is the thrill for gambling.
Our mission is to provide with a platform to make money streaming casino.
If this sounds compelling to you push the buttom.


Our service

We provide with content, deals and personal links for your streaming platform.
In other words your personal affiliate business can be up within minutes.
Casino affiliate is a very lucrative market and thats why its our focus.
Why work with us insteed of doing this solo? push the buttom.

Working with us

Its very time consuming to negotiate terms with operators, handle content & update links. What you should be focusing on is the streaming part, let us do the rest.

  • We work with all geographics, we provide you with deals for all viewers
  • We have the best deals, something that takes ages to receive as a solo player
  • We don’t do revshare we only work with CPA deals: money in the bank directly
  • We provide you with updated content and links for your choice of geographic

 Most of our deals is between 150-250 euro for a player who deposit.
What’s your cut is depending on your average viewerscale.

Casino Stream V1

Average Viewers: 0-20
Income: 30% of profit after tax
Geographics: ALL
Support: Answer within 48 hours

Casino Stream V2

Average Viewers: 21-100
Income: 40% of profit after tax
Geographics: ALL
Support: Answer within 24 hours

Casino Stream V3

Average Viewers: 101-
Income: 50% of profit after tax
Geographics: ALL
Support: Answer within 8 hours

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